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Wall of Fame
A display of Greek Life participants and their lists of achievements to recognize their historical influence in society
Events / Functions
Online calendar where you can find amazing events relative to Greek Life activities being held in a city near you
Greek Life News
Where you’ll find unique examples of current, positive, reports about the Fraternity and Sorority Community
Vast selection of listings of individuals, organizations, groups, and businesses, all connected to Greek Life

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Our sponsors support our mission of bringing practical exposure to the positive aspects of Greek-lettered organizations. Through sponsor-support, we’re able to keep our platform free, enabling us to reach more people.
11.7 + Greek Life Members (millions)
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5400 + Number of Organizations Worldwide
20.8 + Millions of Dollars Donated Annually

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Platform’s architecture makes navigation easy to navigate and easy to use
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We encourage our communities to grow as powerful, creative, and productive as possible.
Community Built
We collect ideas for solutions innovation and feedback from our best members
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Makes engagement much simpler. You have the ability to tailor it the way you want to.
We cultivate our community by giving members a curated feed that shows content that is relevant to them
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Inspiring Community with Service

Inspiring Community with Service

Through acts of service, the Greek Life Community is making lasting impacts on their communities.

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